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For any question or query about our service offer or our company in general, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Midpoint, Alencon Link, Basingstoke RG21 7PL
Tel: 0345 266 6433

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While we strive to offer the best service, if you're dissatisfied, we want to address it promptly. We apologise for any disappointment and aim to make it right.

Please provide details of your complaint by contacting us, and you'll receive an acknowledgment within 5 working days. Responses may take up to 8 weeks as we conduct a thorough investigation to resolve the issue.

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Data Privacy and Data Protection

CNH Industrial Capital Europe is aware of the importance of protecting your personal data. We recognise that you care about how your personal data is collected, used and shared by us. We assure you that we collect, use, disclose and retain your personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

We are committed to offering the best possible services to our clients, while at the same time providing you with a reliable data security policy. We value our relationship with you and have consequently decided to formalise our commitments in this Data Protection Information Notice.

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We are committed to delivering the best possible service to you while maintaining the confidence that you place in us. We have adopted strong principles to ensure the protection of your data. As such, we want to be transparent about how we place, use, and store cookies on your device when you use this website.

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We are dedicated to unwavering compliance with laws and regulations. To support this commitment, we’ve established a Whistleblowing Framework. This framework enables the reporting of information related to crimes, threats to public interest, violations of laws or regulations, and breaches of BNP Paribas' Code of Conduct.

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